• Face the Music's Pannonia Quartet Face the Music's Pannonia Quartet
  • Craig Woodson Craig Woodson
  • Elena Moon Park Elena Moon Park | Gala Narezo

Mandolinist, violinist, and ace trumpeter Elena Moon Park, a frequent Dan Zanes collaborator, mixes Asian languages with English in Japanese sea shanties, Tibetan jump-rope rhymes, Korean harvest sing-alongs, and Taiwanese train songs.

They may be in middle school, but members of the Pannonia Quartet interpret contemporary classical music with a power and sensitivity that shows what heights young artists can reach. Trained in the Kaufman Center's Face the Music program, the group performs pieces originally composed for Kronos, including Steve Reich's Different Trains.

Everyone needs a drumpet. After educator and musician Craig Woodson teaches young musicians how to create their own DIY sound-makers out of simple, everyday objects, the audience joins Kronos for a play-along concert.

Rendering intense contemporary pieces with grace and beauty, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus regularly commissions challenging vocal pieces and collaborates with classical, indie rock, and pop music icons.

KRONOS at 40
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Brooklyn Youth Chorus

Play-Along Concert with Kronos Quartet and Craig Woodson

Face the Music's Pannonia Quartet

Elena Moon Park & Friends

Sat, July 27, 12:00pm
Hearst Plaza

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